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Millions of Americans suffer from digestive problems like acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation. Beyond that, even more folks struggle with conditions like autoimmune disease, food allergies, skin problems, and mood disorders—all of which can be traced back to one root cause: gut disruption. Compromised gut health is a major barrier to good health in our society, but luckily there are a few clear action steps we can take to restore the functionality of our gut. 

Integrative gastroenterologist and microbiome expert, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, is back on The Model Health Show to share the latest research on gut health. You’re going to learn the about link between gut health and cognition, how our lifestyle choices shape our microbiome health, and in turn influence our long-term health outcomes. She’s also sharing the three commonly prescribed medications that are destroying your gut health and making you more susceptible to COVID-19. You’ll also hear about specific things you can eat to cultivate a healthy gut. 

What I love about Dr. Chutkan is her approach to health and medicine. She is an advocate of root-cause treatment, and empowering and educating patients about their own health. If you’re striving for better health, it all starts in the gut, and Dr. Chutkan is a truly amazing expert in this field. I hope this episode empowers you to take control of your gut health and advocate for yourself. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What psychogenic fecal retention is.
  • The definition of integrative gastroenterology. 
  • How anxiety is linked to the gut. 
  • The link between frequent antibiotic use and cognitive decline. 
  • What to ask your doctor before accepting a prescription for antibiotics.
  • The importance of being an active advocate in your health care. 
  • What polypharmacy is. 
  • Which commonly prescribed medications are making us more susceptible to viruses. 
  • How the ACE receptors in the intestines work. 
  • What happens when you take a proton pump inhibitor. 
  • Why stomach acid is one of the body’s most potent defense mechanisms.  
  • What your microbiome can tell you about your health outcomes and susceptibilities.
  • Why fiber is critical for gut health. 
  • Examples of microbiota accessible carbs.
  • The importance of eating seasonally, and with variety.
  • How NSAIDs can destroy the gut lining. 
  • The problem with overprescribing drugs in the medical community. 
  • What the virome is, and its importance in modulating immune response. 
  • An everyday approach to improving gut health. 
  • The science behind how sleep deprivation increases your risk of viral infections.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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