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Everything can change in one moment, with one decision, or one encounter. That’s what my friend Ed Mylett learned when his father got sober after years of suffering from alcoholism. Everything changed when Ed’s dad decided to give sobriety one more try. The truth is many of us are just one step away from the life we want to live.  

Today, Ed is back on The Model Health Show to share life-changing principles from his new book, The Power of One More. Ed Mylett is a globally recognized speaker, bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur. In this interview, you’re going to learn why you’re closer to your goals than you think, why invisible progress can be impactful, and how your identity shapes your experiences. 

You’ll hear powerful insights on maximizing your time, getting results, controlling your thoughts and emotions, and so much more. No matter what your goals are, Ed’s dynamic insights are sure to inspire and empower you. So listen in, take notes, and enjoy the show! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The dual meaning of one more.
  • Why your experiences are qualifications.
  • How your identity dictates your outcomes.
  • The three ways to shift your identity.
  • What it means to be the one.
  • How the reticular activating system in the brain works. 
  • Why being unrealistic is a positive trait. 
  • The power of the questions you ask yourself. 
  • How to build confidence.
  • What compound pounding is, and why it’s so powerful.
  • The difference between time management and time manipulation.
  • How changing your physiology can change your emotions.
  • What the enemy of execution is. 
  • The definition of a multiplier.
  • How fear and anger are connected.
  • What one more inconvenience means. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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