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In a country where only 12% of adults are metabolically healthy, it’s clear that there’s a disconnect between our behaviors and our bodies’ biological needs. Certain environmental inputs like movement, sleep, sunlight exposure, and whole foods are critical pillars of human health that our genes expect. And when it comes to improving our metabolic health, even making small changes can have a huge impact. 

Today’s guest, Dr. Casey Means, is the co-founder and chief medical officer at the innovative metabolic health company, Levels. She’s back on The Model Health Show back to discuss all things metabolic health. We’re diving into topics including the metabolic benefits of reducing your chemical exposure, the power of optimizing your micronutrient intake, and the surprising connections between metabolic function and sexual health. 

Dr. Means is truly an expert in the field of metabolic health, and her mission is to help folks maximize their potential by empowering them with tools that facilitate personalized and sustainable lifestyle choices. In this interview, you’re going to learn some realistic lifestyle habits you can implement to optimize your metabolism, no matter your starting point. Please enjoy this interview with the one and only, Dr. Casey Means! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What obesogens are. 
  • How chemicals can impact your metabolic function. 
  • The importance of building biologic resilience to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
  • Simple swaps for reducing your exposure to chemicals. 
  • What percentage of people experience side effects from antidepressants.
  • How choosing organic food can impact your microbiome health. 
  • Why restriction is not the key to building a healthy body.
  • Three ways that micronutrients support cellular processes.
  • How selenium is involved in immune function.
  • The importance of focusing on regenerating the health of our soil.
  • How eating colorful food can impact your micronutrient levels.
  • The role magnesium plays in the body, and how to get more in your diet.
  • What the pillars of healthy gene expression are. 
  • How adequate sunlight exposure can improve your metabolic health.
  • The specific systems in the body that are tied to sexual function. 
  • What cardiometabolic health is. 
  • The link between obesity and sperm count. 
  • What polycystic ovarian syndrome is, and why it’s tied to insulin resistance. 
  • The metabolic effects of consuming breakfast cereal. 
  • Why long-term glycemic variability is not optimal. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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