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When most people think about the effects of regularly exercising, they focus purely on the aesthetic results. While you can certainly change the way your body looks through an intentional and consistent exercise routine, the impacts of a regular movement practice extend far beyond what you look like.

On this compilation episode of The Model Health Show, you’re going to hear from some of the top fitness experts in the world about the comprehensive benefits of exercise. You’re going to learn about the scientifically proven positive impacts exercise can have on your functionality, metabolic health, longevity, and mental health. You’ll hear how movement can protect you from diseases, improve your daily life, and upgrade your sensitivity to pleasure.

You’re going to learn from some of the brightest minds in science, including Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, and more. This episode is packed with insights on creating an impactful movement routine that will transform every area of your health and your life. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How exercise makes you better in other areas of your life.
  • Why consistency is critical in fitness
  • The three reasons why people exercise.
  • Why the gym is the fairest place in the world.
  • The connection between skeletal muscle and survivability.
  • How building muscle protects you from insulin resistance.
  • The anti-inflammatory effects of exercise.
  • How exercise can make you mentally stronger.
  • The link between exercise and brain longevity.
  • What your body’s set point is and how it works
  • A basic weekly template for your exercise routine.
  • How cardio improves your longevity
  • Why the benefits of exercise go beyond weight loss.
  • How movement sensitizes your brain to pleasure.
  • The anti-depressant effects of movement.
  • How to utilize exercise to change your mindset and emotions.
  • Why the way you train is a metaphor for how you treat yourself.
  • The connection between strength training, metabolic health, and insulin sensitivity.
  • How resistance training improves hormonal health.
  • The exact number of steps you should walk daily to prevent diseases.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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