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Each year, trillions of dollars are poured into the American healthcare system, yet the rates of chronic illnesses and diseases continue to climb. If we want better health outcomes, we’ve got to stop handing over our power to prescription pads and diagnoses, and instead harness an incredible source of healing we all have access to— our minds. 

The mind-body connection is a key foundation to human health, and on today’s show you’re going to learn the fascinating science behind the healing abilities of the human mind. We’re going to cover the research behind the placebo effect and how it works. You’ll hear about specific factors that influence the effectiveness of a placebo, and how to leverage them for your own healing. 

I’m also sharing some of my personal healing story in this episode, including the important role that changing my mind played in transforming my health. My mission is to remind you of how powerful you are to affect change, and I hope this episode inspires you to tap into the power of your mind. Having an awareness and understanding of the mind-body connection is critical knowledge everyone should know, so please enjoy this episode on the healing power of the human mind! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the placebo effect is. 
  • Which conditions have been proven to respond positively to placebo treatment. 
  • How the nocebo effect works.
  • Four specific things that are proven to impact the effectiveness of a placebo.
  • The powerful connection between your thoughts and your body’s chemistry. 
  • How your beliefs about food can influence your health outcomes. 
  • The power of the mind-body connection. 
  • A specific personal example of how the nocebo effect can be a catalyst for change.
  • An important distinction between processed food and ultraprocessed food. 
  • Why a disease or a symptom can often be an adaptation. 
  • What percentage of American adults are ridden with chronic diseases. 
  • The one question that changed the entire trajectory of my life. 
  • 5 steps to harness the psychology of the placebo effect.
  • The science behind psychoneurobiology.
  • How to cultivate affirmative thoughts.
  • What classic conditioning is. 
  • How to utilize positive expectancy. 
  • What instinctive elaboration is and how to leverage it. 
  • The importance of community in a healing environment. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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