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Your life is like a wheel.

There are so many different components that come together to create your own personal "circle of life" (cue the Lion King Music!).

These components are: Your health - your family and relationships - your career/work or mission - your finances - and your spiritual health and contribution.

Life is not complete without the growth and development in all of these areas. The problem is, we are usually very off balance in one or the other based on where we are in our life.

Your body might be banging, but your finances are in the toilet. You might have awesome relationships, but you're simultaneously struggling in your career. So, you see, your "circle of life" (your wheel) is usually pretty jagged and bumpy because of some parts being up and some parts being down... and this is what leads to a very bumpy ride in life.

The truth is, life will have it's ups and downs, but there can be a lot more smooth sailing if you're able to grow gracefully and consistently in all areas. The question really is: How do you do it? And today, I have the perfect person to show you exactly how it's done.

Many years ago I was sitting with my then girlfriend (now my wife... yep, I scored!) and we were watching this film that my amazing mother-in-law said we HAVE to watch...

I honestly wasn't very interested in watching it... I had so much going on with trying to figure out how to structure my client's programs and even how I was going to pay my rent.

We clicked play, and something unexpected happened.

A man named Bob Proctor came on the screen with this confidence, grace, and sense of knowing that I'd never experienced before. I hung on his every word, and whatever this man had figured out, I wanted to know it too!

The film broke down the hidden, but extremely real world of quantum mechanics. Not in a, "you'd better put on your pocket protector way", but in a real world "I get this" way that made me realize something profound.

I realized in that moment what I had always known intuitively my entire life... That I matter. That I'm special. That I'm here to share the unique gifts that I have. That I am influencing the world around me (for the good and the not-so-good) based on the predominant thoughts that I'm carrying around in my mind.

Bob told me that day, "If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand."

The science in the film really spoke to my man-brain. The message in the film really spoke to my heart.

Today I'm beyond honored to say that I have Bob Proctor on my show to be able to share him with you. In my mind him connecting with me is a result of hard work and effort. In my heart him connecting with me is a result of how powerful we all our to attract into our life the people, things, and resources we need to make the life we want a reality. Buckle in tight, because this is powerful!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why your results in life depend on your "inner game".
  • What book transformed Bob's life over 50 years ago that he still reads today.
  • Why you can never truly enjoy something without sharing it.
  • How financial health impacts your health overall.
  • How contribution can radically improve your finances (it worked for me too!)
  • The most important and useful skill that's not being taught in schools today.
  • Why kids are able to learn so much more than they are often given credit for.
  • Why you need to get straight A's WAY after your schooling days are over.
  • What acceptance REALLY means and why it's so powerful in your life.
  • Why listening is a critical skill for success (and why many of us are doing it wrong!)
  • How every-single-person is a leader in one way or another.
  • Why improving your leadership capacity is so important.
  • Whether or not someone is a "producer" or an "almost".
  • How your self-image is actually formed.
  • What you must do to transform your self-image.
  • Why you should NEVER try to lose weight again (this is powerful!)
  • What your #1 driving force really is (whether you realize it or not!)
  • Why most people are programmed NOT to have longevity and what you can do to change that.

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Think & Grow Rich
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The ABC's of Success <== Pick up Bob's new book right here now!