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It’s not often that you meet someone like Steph Gaudreau.

After leaving a comfy job teaching high school science to pursue her passions in health and fitness, she’s one of the rare individuals who set out to reinvent themselves after you’d think that it was too late.

That’s the big issue. It’s the thinking involved that hinders so many of us. Steph didn’t make the leap without having fear. She didn’t take a huge risk knowing exactly what was going to happen. Fear was there, uncertainty was there, but she made the decision to do it anyway.

All of the changes in our lives start with a decision. It’s up to us to take control of our thinking and make the necessary adjustments we want to see in our lives. Whether it’s in our health, career, relationships, or anything else, it’s within our power to make the shifts necessary. And one of the interesting things Steph believes is that getting physically strong will make you mentally strong as well. Today you’re going to learn exactly what she means by that plus a whole lot more.

Steph runs several powerhouse health and fitness platforms. She created the ridiculously popular website where she shares recipes and other health-related info, she’s a bestselling author, and she also runs the the chart-topping podcast Harder to Kill Radio.

Today you’re going to hear about Steph’s story and how she made the transition from the conventional classroom to teaching online (and all over the world). You’re also going to learn some of the key insights that has enabled Steph to be so successful in helping other people, as well what her person fitness regimen looks like so you can see what keeps her fit, strong, and huge inspiration to others.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What drove Steph Gaudreau to leave her 10+ year job as a science teacher to start a solo career promoting health and fitness.
  • How certain body types lend themselves towards better performance in certain sports.
  • Why Steph no longer obsesses about the way her body looks (this is powerful!)
  • How doing what you love will help to change your inner dialogue/inner critic.
  • Why your body’s form will follow the function that’s required of it.
  • Why the exercise that you do transfers over into other areas of your life.
  • How your personality gains strength through lifting weights.
  • What crazy good numbers Steph has achieved on her favorite power lifts.
  • Why deadlifting is important for reversing and preventing back problems.
  • How Steph’s exercise program has changed over time and what it looks like today.
  • Why being “harder to kill” is a compelling drive to get healthier.
  • Why food is a “gateway” to a healthier overall lifestyle.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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