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This is my story. There was a time when I didn’t think that my story mattered. There was a time when I didn’t think that I mattered… Today I’m sharing the story of how I was able to breakthrough mind, body, and spirit, and how you can too.

Many things that I’m sharing in this episode I haven’t shared publicly before. It wasn’t the easiest thing to talk about at some points, but if anyone can glean some wisdom or insight from it then I’d do it all over again 100 times.

I ask that you share this episode with someone you care about who may be in a place of struggle. Whether it’s with their health, their relationship, their finances, or anything else, I truly feel that this will be a much needed gift to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enjoy, take care, and talk soon.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why your genetic expression is heavily influenced by your lifestyle.
  • How my diet choices were deeply ingrained at a young age.
  • Why young kids are in a kind of hypnotic trance.
  • What caused me to break my hip when I was 15 years old.
  • What disease diagnosis nearly destroyed my life.
  • Why food matters far more than conventional medicine admits.
  • What my lifestyle was like after my diagnosis (it wasn’t pretty!)
  • The conventional medical treatments I used.
  • Why hitting rockbottom was a great thing for me.
  • What my biggest catalyst for changing my health was.
  • What my initial nutrition changes were and how they impacted my health.
  • How stem cells played a huge role in my recovery.
  • What the different types of stem cells are and how they work.
  • What special things need to be present for stem cells to function.
  • A powerful correspondence I had with a friend who was dealing with a challenging health issue.
  • Why movement is so critical to healing.
  • The surprising impact that getting healthier had on my relationships.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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