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I remember watching the movie Wall-E with my son Braden. It is an animated movie portraying the not-too-distant future where humans have siphoned the world of its natural resources and moved to space, leaving Earth behind as a glorified junk yard. Talk about family fun!

Even though the context was a bit grim, the movie still highlighted the power of love, devotion, companionship, and doing the right thing. It was a good family movie that pulls on your heartstrings. But what most interested me about the movie was the depiction of the devolution of human beings who have become so engrossed in technology that they hardly ever move anymore. Every person in the film barely had to lift a finger as all of their needs were met at the touch of a button. It might sound cool to live in a world like that, but what are the consequences?

Since they lost their desire and need to move, all of their muscles were atrophied. And to say everyone was overweight would be a monumental understatement.

Now, is this reality that far fetched? Are we not seeing the effects that our creature comforts are having on health and our ability to move normally? Yes, we definitely are! And it’s impacting BILLIONS of people whether they realize it or not.

We have to reconnect with what makes us human and what supports the highest expression of our genes. Our genes literally expect us to do certain things, and when we don’t, disease and degeneration programs kick in.

This is why today’s show is so important and absolutely life-changing. We have on one of the world’s foremost experts in human movement. She’s here to help us recalibrate our lives by making some small adjustments that can lead to decades of improved quality of life.

Biomechanist Katy Bowman will help you to discover how to avoid the Wall-E syndrome and be a much healthier, happier, functional version of yourself.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why standing is NOT the solution for sitting too much.
  • What a dynamic workstation is.
  • Why ergonomic products and workstations are destined to fail our health.
  • How our modern conveniences impact our daily movement.
  • What mechanosensors are and how they work in your body.
  • How you can literally create new body fat specifically for sitting on.
  • What some excellent (and surprising) standing workstation options are.
  • Some critical insights to make sure your standing desk isn’t hurting you.
  • The secret life of high heeled shoes and what they can do to your body.
  • What determines the amount of movement you should be getting on a daily basis.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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