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There are many paths to our fitness goals. Some will get you there faster than others. And some will get you there so overly yolked that you look like crossfitting, keto eating Hulk Hogan.

Having 24 inch pythons like Hulk Hogan probably isn’t the goal for everyone. But getting to our body composition and fitness goals injury-free is. We’ve become strangely trapped in our linear movements in exercise today. Press with both arms in one direction with equal weight (i.e. bench press), squat up and down with both legs with equal weight (i.e. barbell squats), pull yourself straight up with total symmetry (i.e. strict pull ups), and these are the basics of our exercise programs today.

Don’t get me wrong, those movements are all valuable and popular for a reason. But, we may have gotten so set in those movements that they may have put us at a disadvantage when it comes to moving in the real world.

In reality… in life, and in competition, very rarely are you facing resistance that’s perfectly balanced on both sides of your body. That said, a healthy, almost necessary adjunct to training for life is to have unconventional resistance, unbalanced stressors that our body’s have to adapt to, and tools that make it easier (and safer) than that nutty buddy who has the picture of himself doing barbell squats while standing on top a swiss ball on social media.

For unconventional training, there’s one person who jumps right in my mind. He’s the man behind one of the biggest brands in the world in natural nutrition and unconventional training. He didn’t just create a company, he created a movement. And this movement has athletes the likes of All-Pro safety Earl Thomas from the Seattle Seahawks, UFC champion Tyron Woodley, and hundreds of thousands of everyday people from all around the world getting Onnit and transforming their bodies and their lives. Aubrey Marcus is in the house and he’s dropping some serious knowledge bombs! Click play, focus in, and enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What growing up around athletes can instill in a child’s mindset.
  • Why having a coach that makes you feel bad can be counterproductive.
  • How to find more balance in helping our kids to decide their path in life.
  • What unconventional training means.
  • Why today’s typical training methods do not mimic reality.
  • How unconventional exercises can help to injury-proof your body.
  • Where the kettlebell originated and what its best applications are.
  • What some of the biggest mistakes with the kettlebell swing are.
  • Why steel clubs and steel maces were developed for warriors.
  • The #1 exercise someone with muscle imbalances from their sport (like swinging a baseball bat or golf club from the same side for years) needs to be doing.
  • Why battle rope exercises meet a need that no other conventional HIIT method can deliver.
  • Why battle ropes are great tools for people who are just beginning to get in shape and for experienced exercisers as well.
  • What it means to become physically literate.
  • What some of the greatest athletes on the planet carry in their mindset (this is valuable!).
  • How Aubrey was able to bypass “parasitic capitalism” and create a real movement.
  • What rigorous, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies were able to reveal about the Alpha Brain supplement.
  • The truth about caffeine and why it’s not an ideal long-term solution for focus and energy.
  • Why feeling that you’re not enough is one of the biggest hindrances of success.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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