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You’ve probably been hearing the news about WMDs from the media for many years. In fact, the media itself is often a WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction). Today we are living in the time of the greatest distraction known to man. We’ve gained some prominence over acquiring food and water, most folks have a roof over their head, and meeting potential mates can be as easy as swiping right on your phone. But all of this newfound free time has opened up a blackhole of time to kill, and now we have an infinite amount of information to pour into it.

Sure dating today is a lot more like Wheel of Fortune than real life (I was always intrigued by those people who guessed just $1 for the price of a washing machine… why not $2? Why not 2???). The problem isn’t the apps and services, or the guessing that we do when we get on our devices. The problem is the sheer amount of data we all have to process each and every day of our lives now.

Because of this, most of us have simply outsourced a lot of our thinking to our smartphones. Basic calculations in our head? Nope, I’ve got a calculator for that. Remember my best friend’s new phone number? Nope, we might text or talk all the time, but my phone will remember your number for me - and if I lose my phone, well, I guess I lose you too… it’s been a great ride!.

Remembering appointments, managing money, etc. Our phones can do it all. And, in a strange way, our smartphones have now made us dumber. We may not have devolved to the point of our primitive ancestors, but have you seen how entertaining a fidget spinner is now? What reason can you give for it? Seriously!

Well, if you’re reading this, fidget spinner fan or not, I know that you’re someone who’s interested in living an amazing life. You would love to be healthy, fit, and happy, and have awesome relationships too. These things require study. And with so much information to go through, how in the world can we ever make the strides we want before we make the transition to the big world wide web in the sky?

The solution is simple, yet profound. In today’s world, where information is flying at you a thousand miles an minute, we must retrain our brains to learn in a new and powerful way. We all have an almost unlimited capability to learn, but we must learn how to unlock it. And for that, there’s only one expert I know who fits the bill. The man who companies like Virgin, Nike, Zappos, Fox Movie Studios, and Harvard University bring in to up-level their performance. The man who superstars in entertainment and industry like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jim Carrey, and Will Smith call on to help them learn faster and improve their memory. The one and only, Jim Kwik.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • The surprising effect that coffee has on your metabolism.
  • Why the all-time favorite method of study called cramming will cause you to fall short.
  • How digital distraction is zapping our brainpower.
  • How our smart devices can actually make us dumber.
  • How much of our memory is determined by genetics.
  • How multitasking compares to being high and sleep deprived.
  • Practical tips to help you avoid wasting too much time on social media when you need to get work done (this can help all of us!).
  • The difference between recognition and recollection.
  • What primacy and recency have to do with learning.
  • How music can influence memory and learning.
  • What spaced repetition is and how to use it to boost your brainpower.
  • Why your emotional state has an impact on memory.
  • How your memory is deeply connected to your sense of smell.
  • How important relevance is to memory and learning.
  • The most effective way to take notes (and things you should stop doing immediately!).

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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