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Bipedal walking is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of human beings. Unlike most other creatures (and especially other mammals), we are designed to travel around on our own two legs.

What’s so fascinating is that our ability to walk on two legs activates some pretty magnificent neuroendocrine programming. Walking makes essentially everything in your body work better. And although this has been postulated for thousands of years, today we’ve got the science to prove it.

The benefits of walking have been touted since Hippocrates said that, “Walking is man’s best medicine.” That’s a pretty strong statement from the man who’s considered to be the Father of Modern Medicine. For him to make an assessment like that, walking would have to provide some pretty remarkable results. Was his tunic not wrapped right, or was he really on to something?

Even with rudimentary assessments you could see that walking made people feel better. Today, you’ll finally discover what’s going on behind the scenes, and just how much walking can lay out long-lasting benefits in your life. We tend to think of walking as a form of exercise, but it’s really a necessity that your DNA needs in order to keep you healthy. Yes, walking can help you shed some body fat (a pretty remarkable amount as you’ll learn), but the most inspiring benefits of walking have to do with the number of years that get added to your life. And when you discover how much the quality of those years is improved by walking, it will really get you laced up and walking your way to better health and fitness.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why walking is looked down upon in the fitness/athletic space.
  • Why walking is the #1 form of exercise the human body is designed for.
  • How pesticides actually cause health problems in the human body.
  • How barbell squats stack up against walking for human physiology.
  • The first big shift caused humans to dramatically reduce their walking.
  • The shocking impact that walking can have on belly fat.
  • Why walking is a “low hanging fruit” exercise.
  • How walking influences blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.
  • How quickly blood pressure can be improved with walking.
  • Why “quickie” workouts can be as effective as longer workouts.
  • How walking can have a huge influence on your genetic expression.
  • Why walking isn’t merely cardiovascular exercise.
  • How walking improves your immune system.
  • The shocking way that walking influences how long you live.
  • How to increase your longevity by utilizing different forms of exercise.
  • How walking can reduce stress-related hormones.
  • The specific ways that walking impacts your energy.
  • What interval walking is and how it boosts your benefits.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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