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“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” These are the wise words stated in the long-running comic strip Pogo by Walt Kelly. Who knew a comic strip could drop such profound truth?!

The greatest obstacle in our success is not something or someone external… our greatest obstacle is our own minds! We all have the capacity for so much, but what usually throws a metaphorical banana in our path (causing us to slip up) is our old way of being, our disempowering beliefs, and just good old-fashioned self-sabotage.

The assessment may arise, “Why on earth would we sabotage ourselves?!” I want to win! I want to succeed! I’m not going to stop myself by choice!” And therein lies the crux of the situation. Our self-sabotage is hardly ever a conscious choice. Moving past our self-sabotaging tendencies requires us to do some intelligent inner work. And that’s why I brought on renowned keynote speaker, bestselling author, and master coach, Christine Hassler.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How alcohol affects your sleep.
  • What special drink is proven to help you sleep better.
  • The common denominator in a lot of your consistent problems (hint: it’s you!).
  • Why a big part of depression is suppression.
  • Why it’s important to work with healthcare providers that have the same objective as you.
  • Why many of your decisions are not made by your current self.
  • What healing actually is.
  • How we create suffering in our lives by repeatedly judging our past decisions.
  • Why acceptance is the first step to change (this is important!).
  • How we learn through contrast.
  • One of the major reasons we self-sabotage our progress.
  • Why many people struggle to acknowledge and go after what they really want in life.
  • What an expectation hangover is.
  • What can help protect your brain from sleep deprivation.
  • How your outer world is a reflection of your relationship to your inner-self.
  • Why we tend to keep attracting the same type of people into our lives.
  • Why you’ve got to become a louder voice than the voice of your limiting beliefs.
  • How we sometimes stay in bad relationships because of our own big ego.
  • Why it’s not our job to change other people.
  • The difference between a positive and negative projection.
  • How to quickly overcome feelings of jealousy and turn it into something positive.
  • The big mistake people make when trying to identify their passion.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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