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Being in the health & fitness field for over a decade and a half, I’ve been fortunate to see some big shifts happening. There’s been huge shifts in our society's overreliance on processed, convenience foods (my idea of healthy when I first began my career was a lean cuisine microwave dinner… hey, it was low fat!). There’s been shifts in our awareness of the need for daily movement (not just conventional “exercise”). There has also been a tremendous shift in the way that physicians are treating their patients.

In the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion in integrative medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine, and the like. These are, in general terms, approaches that take into consideration more of the patient’s lifestyle, and seek to find ways to remove the root cause of their health struggles, and not just treat symptoms with drugs or surgery. Everything in medicine has its place, but a shockingly large number of ailments that conventional medicine fails to resolve can be improved substantially with strategic lifestyle changes.

Diseases, in many ways, don’t just happen. The vast majority of us arrive in life with a pretty clean slate, and healthy, functioning genes. But then, seemingly out of nowhere... something life-altering shows up.

It may be in the form of heart disease, diabetes, asthma, or hundreds of other conditions. Suddenly, it appears. And we’re often at a loss to figure out why. But, that why is where the best doctors today work their magic. In fact, our guest on this powerhouse new episode has proof that he can teach you How To Make Disease Disappear. Today’s guest is Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. He’s a bestselling author and star of the hit BBC One show Doctor in the House, and, most importantly, he’s a physician that get real results for his patients. That’s why I made it a must to share him with you today. So, it’s time to focus in, take good notes, take action, and enjoy!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Whether or not conventional treatments for chronic illnesses are actually effective.
  • How someone can transform from Mr. Bean into Jason Bourne.
  • How a health crisis with Dr. Chatterjee’s family transformed his life and his medical practice.
  • The missing nutrient that your body needs to assimilate and use calcium.
  • How your skin complexion influences your need for sunlight.
  • The real reason why conventional medicine has largely failed in reversing chronic illnesses.
  • Why diabetes is an environmental disease.
  • What the threshold effect is.
  • The surprising array of factors that can cause insulin resistance.
  • Why you shouldn’t be chasing the perfect diet.
  • What a cortisol steal is.
  • The dangerous relationship between cortisol and inflammation.
  • Which elevated biomarker can make antidepressants ineffective.
  • Why it’s essential to have “me-time” each day (doctor’s orders!).
  • How Dr. Chatterjee’s patient reduced her symptoms of Crohn’s disease by 50 percent without changing her diet.
  • Why the excessive use of social media could be related to depression.
  • Why the future of medicine is a shift away from medicalizing people’s symptoms and, instead, caring for the whole person.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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