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Have you ever avoided posts on social media just so that you don’t see any spoilers for a movie or tv show you were looking forward to seeing? And have you accidentally seen too much anyway… and you try to lie and tell yourself that you didn’t see what you saw?

I’ve literally closed my eyes and blocked my ears when movie trailers have come on television just so that I can keep the goodies in a movie a secret to myself. Maybe childish… but maybe I’ll end up enjoying the movie more than you. ;)

We live in the age of spoilers. And a “spoiler alert” is common courtesy. It used to be a big spoiler when I would share with patients and attendees at live events that their fear of dietary fat is not actually the boogie man it was made out to be. Today, the vast majority of folks who are at least semi-interested in health and fitness know that fats are a crucial part of human wellness. But… SPOILER ALERT! Not all fats are good for you. And some (that could easily pass as some of the good guys), are really deadly villains in disguise waiting to end your stint in the movie called life.

In this episode, we have on New York Times bestselling author of the hit book Genius Foods, Max Lugavere. Max has an awesome story, and a pretty unique experience that makes him well suited for investigating the plot behind the battle of healthy fats versus deadly fats. We’re about to cover that and a whole lot more. So, click play, then lights, camera, action!

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why paying attention to your brain health is more important than ever.
  • Which type of fuel burns cleaner in your body.
  • The heartbreaking experience that drove Max Lugavere to become an expert in nutrition and brain health.
  • What journalists and scientists have in common.
  • The shocking results that the FINGER Study revealed about improving brain function as we age.
  • Which two carotenoids have been found to improve visual processing speed.
  • What Genius Foods are.
  • Why more health-conscious people tend to get less variety in their diet it (this is ironic!).
  • Which category of food can make your brain 11 years younger on average.
  • Why it’s important to eat your salad with some healthy fats.
  • Which food source of dietary fat has the greatest amount of evidence proving its benefits for human health.
  • The difference between polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fats.
  • Which dietary fat can support your body’s use of ketones.
  • How polyunsaturated fat extracts can potentially impact your neurotransmitters in a negative way.
  • Why oleic acid (which is found in olive oil) is critical for our cells.
  • How finding good olive is like finding good weed.
  • What amyloid plaque in the brain might indicate.
  • How DHA plays an important role for your brain.
  • Why vegan sources of omega 3’s might not be a viable source of nutrition for humans.
  • Why you need to be mindful of the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in your diet.
  • Why plants need exposure to stress to provide us with the most benefit.
  • The interesting impact that fish oil has on the brain.
  • Why avocados are a seriously healthy, genius food.
  • Why vegetable oil is not vegetable oil (wait, what?).
  • How ketone production in the body can be misleading.
  • How anthocyanins influence human health (and what special food you can find them).
  • What the colors of foods actually indicate.
  • Why egg yolks can be considered nature’s multivitamin.
  • Whether or not eggs are bad for your cholesterol.
  • How to prepare your eggs to get the most benefit from them.
  • Why creatinine is essential for your muscles AND your brain.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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