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What could you accomplish if you weren’t afraid? Have you ever held yourself back because you were worried what other people might think? Have you ever rejected an opportunity because you feared rejection or failure?

We all experience fear, but what truly matters is how you direct that fear and ultimately overcome it. Often we see a successful person, but neglect to understand the shortcomings and insecurities they had to push through in order to thrive.

We think that maybe one day we will reach this magical place where our fears dissipate, but that isn’t reality. Our power lies in our ability to break outside of our comfort zone and go after what we want, despite fear.

Today’s episode features one of my favorite people, Andrea Navedo from Jane the Virgin. Andrea is a living testament of what it takes to overcome fear, find strength, and unleash your potential. Her story will inspire you to let go of your excuses, live with integrity, and pursue your dreams.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why it’s important to include our kids and younger family members in our health and wellness practices.
  • How we can gain strength from the tough times we go through.
  • The significance of being able to apologize to a child (even as an adult).
  • Why it’s so important to have role models and people to hold you accountable.
  • Why you need to face your fear or risk living with regret.
  • Why paying attention to the way opportunities feel (light or heavy) can help guide you in the right direction.
  • The huge role that media plays on society’s consciousness.
  • Why it’s important to see positive portrayals of people who “look like you” in the media.
  • The incredible story of how Andrea got her first big television acting role.
  • How talking about your insecurities can help ensure they’re not controlling you.
  • Why it’s important to stop making excuses and take responsibility for your life.
  • How loving yourself can help you overcome your fears.
  • How Jane the Virgin has helped to change the landscape of major media.
  • How Andrea stays in great shape with her busy schedule as a wife, mom, and actress.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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