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No matter what your goal is, a clearly defined purpose is key to success. If you haven’t outlined why you’re working toward change, you’ll quickly become unmotivated and give up.

But it’s not enough to simply have a motive. In order to create lasting change, your why should have meaning behind it. Your why should give you a purpose, bring you fulfillment, and inspire you on days when motivation is lacking.

Once you define your why, everything becomes much clearer. Whether we’re talking about fitness, money, or life in general, a fulfilling purpose is a catalyst for change.

On today’s show, my friend Drew Manning is back to share the lessons he’s learned about discovering a meaningful purpose, practicing gratitude, and developing a stronger sense of empathy. We’ll talk about the dangers of staying in your comfort zone, the importance of learning self-love, and how to find strength in vulnerability.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The biggest lesson Drew learned throughout gaining and losing 70 pounds.
  • Why changing your perceptionis so important for your health.
  • How our culture’s “all or nothing” mindset fails us.
  • The importance of self-lovewhen striving toward your goals.
  • Why you should honor your body’s individual version of healthy.
  • Three key thingsyou can do to motivate people in your life to be healthier.
  • What it truly means to live by example (and why the alternative doesn’t work!)
  • How judgement and misunderstanding have created a huge gap in the fitness world.
  • How to begin to build empathy, and why it can be so life-changing.
  • The power of vulnerabilityin health, fitness, and life.
  • Why having an aesthetics-based motive isn’t sustainable long-term.
  • The truth about channeling motivation (even for fit people!)
  • How to avoid burning outin fitness.
  • Why you should be open to doing things you aren’t good at.
  • The importance of breaking outside of your comfort zone.
  • How practicing gratitude can influence your success.
  • The profound effects of positive affirmations.
  • Why being stagnant is actually moving backwards.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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