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Have you ever reacted poorly based on raw emotions, and then later regretted it? Or have you ever impulsively eaten something that didn’t align with your goals—based on emotion alone?

Emotional intelligence is our ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express our emotions. It allows us to recognize and understand our own feelings, as well as the emotions of others. Having a high emotional intelligence allows us to align our behaviors with our values by understanding the critical piece that emotions play in decision-making. Not only that, but multiple studies have shown that high emotional intelligence is linked to success.

The good news is, this capability is not some static, set-in-stone trait. You actually hold the ability to fine-tune your emotional intelligence. In this episode, I’m sharing ten tactics you can utilize to increase your emotional intelligence so that you can better relate to others, meet your goals, and reach higher levels of success.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What emotional intelligenceactually is.
  • Four main components of emotional intelligence, and how they work.
  • Which part of the brain functions as the emotional center.
  • The two major reasons why we should aim to improve emotional intelligence.
  • Why emotional intelligence is a better predictor for successthan IQ (the research is shocking!).
  • The difference between being busy and being effective.
  • How emotional experiences can affect weight loss (and why they’re often overlooked!)
  • Why reading fiction can help develop empathy.
  • What activities you can engage in to sharpen your cognitive control.
  • The link between meditation and the ability to focus.
  • What it means to be “tangry,” and how it can derailyour goals.
  • Why social media is not a substitute for actual social interaction.
  • What proprioception is, andhow you can improve it.
  • How to practice delayed gratitude in order to regulate your emotions.
  • The benefits of mindful eating.
  • What adults can learn about emotional intelligence from children.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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