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In my experience, when you transform your life and achieve a greater level of fitness, many people assume it’s due to a strict (and unrealistic) regimen. They imagine hours upon hours logged at the gym, and tiny portions of boring, bland meals on repeat.

But anyone who’s maintained a healthy lifestyle long-term knows that there’s a better and more sustainable way. Making healthy choices isn’t about torture—it’s about focusing on the things that you enjoy, and creating a lifestyle that works for you.

Today’s episode is about finding that balance for yourself, not only physically, but in all aspects of your life. My guest is Tom Hopper, an incredible actor, husband, father, and fitness advocate. His story will inspire you to cultivate your confidence, shift your perception, and create a sustainable baseline of health and happiness for yourself.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The two main ways you can spark a change in your thinking.
  • How Tom used fitness to set himself apart from other actors in the industry.
  • The shocking link between testosterone and gluconeogenesis.
  • Which approach to eating Tom uses to feel his very best.
  • The training regimen and insights that keeps Tom fit.
  • How stem cell therapy healed Tom’s herniated disk.
  • Why your ego has no place in the gym (and how to understand your limits).
  • The resources that Tom used to learn more about longevity and performance.
  • What it means to find your baseline in health and fitness.
  • Why sustainability plays a big role in maintaining a healthy diet.
  • How Tom balances his career and family despite being away from home.
  • The importance of approaching marriage as a unified team.
  • What it means to find peace in being uncomfortable.
  • The important message that I Feel Prettyaddresses.
  • How you can uncover a level of confidence from training.
  • The one diet change that had the biggest effect on Tom’s health.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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