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The greatest obstacle you’ll ever meet is not some arbitrary external factor. More often than not, we are held back by thoughts and beliefs that are within us. We all live with self-sabotaging tendencies, limiting beliefs, and the affinity to play small rather than embracing the discomfort that accompanies growth.

This is why mediocrity is the norm. Far too many people place limits on what they can achieve, discount their gifts and talents, and live their life dictated by self-imposed, imaginary boundaries. But in order to live up to your greatest potential and step into your power, you have to develop an awareness of the habits and beliefs that are holding you back.

If you’re ready to take an honest look at what limits you from performing at your highest capacity, today’s episode is for you. Bedros Keuilian is back to share life-changing tools and mindset shifts you can implement, the stories behind his experience overcoming his own limiting beliefs, and powerful principles from his new book. You’ll learn about the power of setting non-negotiables, how to disrupt destructive mental patterns, and how to truly reach your highest potential.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The backstory behind the controversial book title, Man Up.
  • How Bedros’ identity as an immigrant shaped his mindset.
  • Where anxiety stems from (and how to proactively overcome it).
  • Why healing from trauma is your responsibility.
  • The importance of having the audacity to ask for help.
  • What it means to have your emergency brake on, and how it can limit your potential.
  • The difference between being busy and being productive.
  • How limiting beliefs engrained during childhood can write the narrative for our lives.
  • The significance of setting non-negotiables in your life.
  • What it means to build your goodwill bank account.
  • The danger of constantly creating excuses.
  • Why it’s essential to find a work ethic model.
  • The common mental patterns that can block your success.
  • How an evening “brain dump” can boost your productivity.
  • The myth behind finding your purpose (and what to do instead).

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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