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You probably already know that proper nutrition and a solid sleep schedule play a huge role in your brain health and function. And with incurable neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia on the rise, it’s important to take control and implement preventative measures to protect your incredible brain.

On today’s show, we’re diving into the powerful science of the muscle-brain connection—specifically how exercising your body in turn strengthens your brain. You’re going to learn about numerous studies that link physical activity with cognitive function, memory, IQ, and creativity.

Most importantly, this episode will arm you with actionable steps you can implement, including three key exercises you can use to strengthen your miraculous brain. So click play, get ready to take notes, and let’s supercharge our brain health!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How exercise can make you more productive and efficient.
  • The link between strength training and brain plasticity.
  • What BDNFis and why it’s so important for brain function.
  • How exercise contributes to the function of your hippocampus.
  • The incredible link between IQ scores and daily exercise.
  • How strength training can help you cope with stress.
  • The role exercise plays in reproductive health.
  • Why your brain needs balance training.
  • Specific exercises and equipment you can use to improve your balance.
  • The importance of being functional in your workouts.
  • What proprioception is, and what you can do to increase it.
  • The three main types of exercise your brain craves.
  • How walking can improve your memory and creativity.
  • The number one exerciseyour genes expect you to do.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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