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If you do a lot of reading, you’ve probably seen tons of books and articles about topics like mental health, heart health, and gut health. But there’s one incredibly important, powerhouse organ that has been overlooked in this conversation—the liver.

In ancient cultures, the liver was thought to be at the root of human consciousness and self-awareness. But today, most folks hardly consider the health or function of their liver—and when they do, it’s typically after a night of drinking. The truth is, our livers play a huge role in hormone function, digestion, fat burning, and creating energy.

That’s why when I read Dr. Alan Christianson’s new book, The Metabolism Reset Diet, I felt like my wish had been granted! His smart, science-based approach to restoring liver function is exactly what has been missing from common knowledge. On today’s show, Dr. Christianson is sharing the basic mechanisms behind the liver, why it matters, and how you can hit the reset button on your metabolism.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The one thing that naturally thin people have in their favor.
  • How your body’s metabolism really works.
  • What leaky liveris (and how it plays a role in diabetes).
  • The three compartments in which the body stores fat.
  • How lipogenesis occurs in the body.
  • The two surprising sources of toxins.
  • How medications and supplements can interfere with liver function.
  • Why fatty liver disease happens.
  • What your liver and your muscles have in common.
  • The role of glycogen in liver function, and why it matters.
  • The truth about alcohol consumption.
  • A list of specific nutrients that are essential to liver health.
  • How to properly incorporate shakes into your diet.
  • The link between leaky gut and liver function.
  • Why sleep is critical for the health of your liver.
  • The biggest source of pollutionthat we are exposed to.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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