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What do you do to maintain the health of your brain? You probably already know about the importance of mental stimulation and problem solving for the health of your brain. But the truth is, our brain is an incredibly complex system that can be affected by many internal and external factors. Protecting your health isn’t as simple as doing a word puzzle—it’s a culmination of all of your daily habits and rituals.

Researchers are constantly uncovering new evidence about the interconnectedness of the human body, and the importance of creating healthy habits to protect all systems in the body, including the brain. Among the lifestyle choices you can implement to make a positive impact on your brain health, simple habits like exercise and meditation go a long way.

Dr. Wendy Suzuki is an expert in all things neural science and brain plasticity. Her evolving work has spanned from the brain’s ability to retain memory, to how exercise and meditation can improve cognitive ability, and how everyday anxiety can be harnessed for good. On today’s show, Dr. Suzuki is back to discuss brain function, cognitive enhancement, and how you can create routines that help your brain work at maximum capacity.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How brain plasticity works.
  • The science behind the mood-boosting effects of exercise.
  • How exercise can protect our brains from aging.
  • The power of meditation for the human brain.
  • How to create a ritual around meditation.
  • What cognitive enhancement is.
  • The three major areas of cognitive enhancement.
  • How aerobic exercise can help your hippocampus grow.
  • What BDNF is.
  • The two broad groups of cells in the human brain.
  • How exercise can improve your focus.
  • The effects that walking can have on your mood.
  • How neurons work in the brain.
  • The details of Dr. Suzuki’s exact exercise and meditation routine.
  • How a devastating loss helped Dr. Suzuki uncover her superpower.
  • What intenSati is.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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