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It’s easy to get caught up in modern marketing, especially when it comes to nutrition. Here in the US, post World War II advertising led to increased consumption of processed food—including microwave dinners, canned food, and anything considered instant or convenient. And while you can still find many of these products on the grocery store shelves today, there is a huge movement around getting back to basics with our food. 

Something I’ve discovered throughout the years of fine-tuning my diet is that we can learn a lot by taking a comprehensive look at which foods our ancestors considered staples. Most coastal countries have been adding the superfood group of sea vegetables to their plates since ancient times. Seaweed and other underwater vegetables have long been known for their nutritional value, and today we’ve got the evidence to back up those claims. 

This powerhouse episode provides insights into the powerful health benefits of sea vegetables. You’re going to learn about nutrient density, preventative properties, and other fascinating research. This episode includes different types of powerful nutritional sea vegetables to begin consuming, practical ways to add them to your plate, as well as a few concerns to consider. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The global history of eating sea vegetables.
  • What we can learn about nutrition from Okinawans. 
  • Why kelp can help improve your thyroid health.
  • The shocking statistics regarding iodine deficiency. 
  • Different ways to incorporate seaweed into your diet.
  • The health benefits of dulse. 
  • Which seaweed is referred to as the bacon of the sea.
  • The many disease fighting, preventative properties of sea vegetables.
  • What phytoplankton is, and how it can enhance your immune system.
  • Why DHA and EPA are so important for brain health.
  • How sea lettuce can aid in the digestion of beans. 
  • The incredible chelating effects of chlorella. 
  • How chelation works in the body. 
  • The link between fat loss and chlorophyll. 
  • Which superfood has the most protein, gram for gram. 
  • Potential dangers of consuming excess iodine. 
  • What to look for when purchasing seaweed and other sea vegetables.

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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