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Fitness is often wrongly attributed as the single solitary driver of your overall health and body composition. Movement and exercise are important, but your overall wellness isn’t so one-dimensional; it encompasses sleep, nutrition, stress management, and more. 

Your fitness routine shouldn’t be your entire life—it’s just one piece of being a passionate, multi-faceted human being. You don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym in order to create a fit, healthy body. What’s more important is that your exercise routine is effective, functional, and rooted in science.

On this episode, we’re highlighting how to build an effective and comprehensive fitness routine. You’re going to hear ten powerful moments from past episodes on building strength, working smarter not harder, building a strong physical foundation, and more. So listen attentively, take notes, and apply the strategies that resonate with you! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The definition of eccentric training, and how to take advantage of its benefits. 
  • What movement hygiene is.
  • The difference between flexibility and mobility. 
  • What you can learn from videoing your workouts. 
  • Why you have to earn the right to do certain exercises. 
  • The brain benefits of working out. 
  • Simple exercises you can incorporate into your routine for improved brain function. 
  • How many days per week you should incorporate HIIT. 
  • What muscular compensations are, and how they occur. 
  • The importance of moving your body functionally. 
  • Why simple habits like rest and stretching can improve your body composition. 
  • The power of basic bodyweight movements. 
  • How to get an effective core workout at your desk. 
  • What progressive overload is, and how it can help you get stronger. 
  • How the concept of mechanotransduction works. 
  • The importance of finding your tribe. 

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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