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What have you done lately to take care of your brain? Most of us put constant effort into maintaining good physical health, whether that means simply brushing your teeth or planning your meals for the week. But maintaining and improving your brain health is an equally important piece of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Your brain controls every aspect of your mind and body. Luckily, emerging science supports the idea that we hold the capability to influence the overall function and health of this incredible organ. On this compilation episode, we’re diving deep into proven tips and strategies for optimizing brain health. You’re going to learn from eight of the world’s top experts on how improve your brain’s overall function through lifestyle choices. 

This episode is packed with digestible, scientifically-proven advice that you can use to build a better brain. You’re going to learn about specific nutrients and exercises that can impact your brain’s health, as well as the importance of mindfulness, sleep, and balancing your brain chemistry. Get ready to take notes, you’re about to learn exactly how to strengthen your brain! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How exercising can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • What BDNF is, and how it relates to inflammation in the body. 
  • The dangers of consuming artificial sweeteners. 
  • What percentage of the calories you consume your brain needs to operate.
  • Why your brain is the most expensive real estate in your body. 
  • How the blood-brain barrier works. 
  • Why we do not have pain receptors in our brains. 
  • How processing speed is affected by aging (and how you can improve yours!) 
  • The effects of chronic stress on the memory center of the brain. 
  • How to proactively manage your stress in order to preserve brain function. 
  • What cognitive enhancement is. 
  • Three profound ways aerobic exercise impacts your brain. 
  • The only thing you can do to enhance growth factor in the hippocampus. 
  • How improving your balance can support your memory. 
  • The importance of functional exercises and moving in a way that supports your brain.  
  • Four key elements to fortify serotonin.
  • The problem with constantly providing your brain with dopamine. 
  • How sleeping with your cell phone in your room can affect your health.  
  • The truth about multitasking, and how it can harm you. 
  • Why sleep matters for cognitive function. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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