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As a society, we are navigating a strange and uncharted time in human history. While local governments are enforcing shelter in place orders and placing restrictions on outdoor activities, many folks are finding their health declining as a result. Isolation can result in a change in lifestyle and nutritional habits for many people, not to mention the mental and domestic issues that can arise.

Today I want to continue the conversation around how collectively, we can proactively move the needle in a positive direction. You’re going to hear some fascinating data regarding the impact of this social and economic shutdown. We’re diving into new studies regarding the effects quarantine has on human diet, exercise, and overall well-being. 

Being your best self is not only a culmination of your diet and exercise habits, but it’s also the way you think, act, and treat those around you. This episode contains tips regarding changing your mindset and biases, and the importance of staying active, positive, and kind amidst a crisis. As always, we’re diving into the studies, and I hope something in this episode resonates with you. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The unintended benefit that the lockdown has had on air quality.
  • What percentage of the human body is comprised of viruses.
  • How viruses allowed humans to evolve and procreate. 
  • Why it takes time for the truth to become widely accepted.
  • How your brain works like a puzzle.
  • What selective perception is.
  • How confirmation bias works.
  • Two ways to train your brain to become more open-minded. 
  • What the one true protective agent against illness is. 
  • The link between sleep deprivation and infection rates.
  • What type of exercise can result in a short-term immune system boost.
  • The role vitamin D plays in immune function. 
  • How getting fresh air can protect us from infections. 
  • The negative unintended consequences of self-quarantine on society. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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