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You already know the power that food has to affect your body composition and metabolism. But have you ever thought about how what you put on your plate impacts the way your brain functions? The latest data shows us that the way we eat can improve our mental capacity, ward off cognitive diseases, and improve memory and focus. 

On today’s show, I’m going to walk you through the powerful science on neuronutrition from my new book, Eat Smarter. You’re going to learn specific foods and nutrients you can add to your diet that are scientifically proven to boost your brain power.  

This episode is jam-packed with the latest science to help you feel empowered and informed in your food choices. I hope this information will inspire you to make realistic, impactful additions to your plate so you can build a better, smarter, healthier brain. So listen in, take good notes, and transform your brain function! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the most valuable object in the universe is.
  • The percentage of your caloric intake that your brain consumes.
  • What neuronutrition is. 
  • How the blood brain barrier actually works, and why it matters.
  • What percentage of the brain is made up of water.
  • Which micronutrient is the most powerful and the most overlooked.
  • How dehydration can impact your mental function. 
  • What brain plasticity is. 
  • The number one mineral deficiency, and how it affects cognitive performance.
  • What percentage of the brain is comprised of fat. 
  • The difference between storage fats and structural fats. 
  • How saturated fat contributes to human brain development. 
  • The role that DHA and EPA play in brain health.
  • Why it’s important to eat food that our DNA has connections to. 
  • How ALA differs from DHA, and what you need to know about its conversion. 
  • What phospholipids are. 
  • Which real food source is the champion of phospholipids. 
  • How medium chain triglycerides contribute to brain health and longevity. 
  • The relationship between sugar and insulin resistance in the brain.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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