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We’ve all heard the mantra “calories in, calories out.” While it sounds like a failproof formula for weight loss, it’s actually a radical oversimplification of nutrition. Not to mention, the saying undermines the innate intelligence and adaptivity of the incredible human body. 

Behind the scenes, there are many more variables than just calories consumed and calories expended. Today you’re going to learn about seven factors that impact how the body processes and absorbs calories. I’m going to walk you through a useful acronym you can use to remember the things that control how calories behave in our bodies.

More importantly, you’re going to walk away with real world, tangible steps you can take to optimize your diet and metabolism. I hope this information empowers you to make more informed food choices, so that together we can shift the paradigm around calories and weight loss. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What percentage of American adults are metabolically healthy. 
  • The definition of the term epicaloric control. 
  • How inflammation is linked to chronic diseases.
  • The link between the vagus nerve and how calories are absorbed.
  • What SCFAs are and where they originate from. 
  • The types of foods that can reduce inflammation in the gut. 
  • How the liver impacts thyroid function. 
  • What neuroinflammation is and how it impacts the way calories are processed. 
  • How your metabolic rate is like a thermostat.
  • What food can restore function of the blood brain barrier. 
  • Why your body is less efficient at burning processed foods.
  • How cooking foods changes their bioavailability. 
  • What the thermic effect of food is. 
  • How digestive efficiency varies from person to person. 
  • The role that the microbiome plays in digestion and calorie absorption. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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