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On the shelves of every grocery and convenience store across the US, there’s no shortage of products created specifically for boosting low energy. Energy drinks, shots, bars, and even pills have been largely normalized. However, feeling so fatigued that you’d consider reaching for these products is by no means normal. 

Instead of putting a bandage on the problem, it’s important that we understand what’s going on behind the scenes of energy production and expenditure. In The Energy Paradox, Dr. Steven Gundry offers an insightful perspective on how gut health, inflammation, and energy are intertwined. Today he’s back on The Model Health Show to discuss the problem with chronic fatigue, and real solutions you can use to increase energy production and feel your best. 

You’re going to learn the mechanics of how our Western eating habits overload our mitochondria, how levels of chronic inflammation drain our energy, plus important insights on the function of the immune system and microbiome. As always, Dr. Gundry is bringing invaluable knowledge and an actionable plan forward. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The meaning behind the title, The Energy Paradox.
  • How many hours per day the average American spends eating. 
  • Why overeating is like a traffic jam in our mitochondria.
  • The problem with normalizing levels of fatigue.
  • How inflammation is like a chronic fire.
  • The connection between low energy and leaky gut.
  • Why adopting an anti-inflammatory diet is often not enough.
  • How consuming a seasonal diet can affect your microbiome. 
  • What postbiotic means.
  • The importance of vitamin D for immune health. 
  • A distinction between vitamin D2 and D3.
  • What it means to eat your sunscreen. 
  • The number one cause of all preexisting conditions.
  • What percentage of the immune system is in the gut. 
  • How to introduce time restricted eating. 
  • Why you might want to consider eating mono-meals for breakfast.
  • How stressful life events can trigger leaky gut. 
  • What an energy snack is, and how exercise can heal your gut. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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