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In recent years, fasting has made a lot of headlines. Like many other ways of eating, fasting has been both championed and demonized in popular culture. But what if we didn’t think of fasting as an extreme diet or trend? Instead, what if we considered fasting as a way of returning to our roots and reclaiming our biological processes? 

Until recently, fasting in sync with the circadian rhythm is something that humans have done for hundreds of years. Eating exclusively during daylight hours is a natural, innate habit for humans—in fact, it’s how we evolved. Our bodies naturally function in accordance with our intrinsic circadian rhythm, and digestion is an important part of that process. Fasting, specifically circadian fasting is an essential way we can tune into our inherent biological functions and behave in a way that our genes expect. 

Dr. Amy Shah is here to unpack the power of the circadian rhythm and how it impacts our digestion, hormones, and other biological processes. Dr. Shah is a double board-certified physician who specializes in fasting, balancing hormones, and gut health. Her new book, I’m So Effing Tired offers solutions to beat burnout and optimize energy levels through the power of circadian fasting. On this episode of The Model Health Show, she’s sharing the science and tips you need to tap into your natural energy levels and operate at your highest capacity. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How the circadian rhythm affects our energy levels.
  • The impact technology has on our circadian rhythms. 
  • How constant eating and light exposure can disturb our internal clocks over time.
  • Why daylight saving time is antiquated and ineffective.
  • The incredible roles and responsibilities that melatonin has in our bodies.
  • What our energy trifecta is.
  • How our hormones impact our energy levels.
  • The importance of putting a focus on sleep quality. 
  • Why making burnout a badge of honor has hurt our health. 
  • How you can use fasting as a tool to achieve balance.
  • What methods of natural self-care are, and how they’ve gotten lost in our society.
  • How fasting can optimize gut communication, and why it matters.
  • Why you should aim to get natural light during the day. 
  • The power of having a solid, consistent evening routine. 
  • What percentage of your genes work on a circadian pattern.
  • Why circadian fasting is a natural process (and how it differs from intermittent fasting). 
  • The importance of turning off your metabolic switch. 
  • Which macronutrient is the most overlooked. 
  • What women need to consider before fasting. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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