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For over a year now, many folks have spent a substantial amount of time locked inside their homes. While many public officials have urged staying home for the sake of health, this type of drastic, long-term lifestyle shift can have serious ramifications on our overall wellness. Staying inside can contribute to poor sleeping habits, physical inactivity, and other routines that negatively impact our bodies, ultimately leaving us more susceptible to infections.  

The basis of human health simply comes down to a few principles. The most foundational habits can cumulatively have the biggest impacts on your health. That’s why now more than ever, it’s critical to stay hydrated, get quality sleep, move your body, and eat nutritious foods.

Today’s guest, Abel James is here to share about getting back to basics with our health and lifestyle choices. This episode also contains powerful conversations about becoming the ultimate authority of your own wellness, keeping an awareness about your biases, and how to bring finances into the realm of holistic health. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The number one health issue we’re facing right now. 
  • What percentage of people have gained weight over the past year.
  • Why the answers to our biggest health problems have simple solutions. 
  • The importance of bioindividuality and personalized medicine. 
  • How to integrate small habits into your routine. 
  • Why now is a great time to start a business. 
  • A history of our financial system, and how the dollar is becoming increasingly worthless.
  • Why you should consider diversifying your cash flow, and why financial health matters.
  • What it means to be cognizant of your media diet.
  • How to detach from fear-based messaging. 
  • Important nutrients to incorporate into your diet for immune health.
  • Why simple, preventative health principles are so powerful. 
  • The power of reading books. 
  • How to flip the paradigm and take authority over your own health. 
  • Why Western medicine is not centered on healing. 
  • The effects of wearing masks for children. 
  • How and why to incorporate positive music into your routine.
  • Tips for dealing with negative energy, and the power of humanizing our conversations.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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