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In honor of celebrating 500 episodes of The Model Health Show, it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect one of the main tenets of the show—to remind you of your potential and instill in you how powerful you are to affect change in your life and the world around you. 

This episode is a compilation of eight of the most powerful, inspirational, and empowering messages over the history of the show. You’re going to hear from some of the foremost experts in the world on topics like creating happiness, prioritizing your health, and changing paradigms. You’ll also hear about building your self-confidence and self-worth, how to elevate and overcome yourself, and so much more. 

Whether you’ve been along for the ride for one episode or all 500, I hope these messages will bring you value. Above all, I hope this episode will give you confidence in your ability to create your own model and build your best life. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover: 

  • Where happiness truly comes from, and how to prioritize it.
  • Three buckets we can sort our experiences in to find more joy.
  • What percentage of genes are linked to disease.
  • How stress can stop your body from healing infections.
  • The link between stress hormones and immune function.
  • Two opposing paradigms that our society is facing right now.
  • The only authority that you have.
  • Why high self-confidence is critical for success.
  • The one simple thing you can do to improve your self-confidence.
  • What it means to change the thermostat in your life.
  • How to shift your identity through associations.
  • Why pressure is a privilege.
  • How to redefine terms like ego and selfishness.
  • Why a morning meditation can make the rest of your day easier.
  • The power of focusing on resetting and refocusing.
  • Why getting uncomfortable is a precursor to change.
  • How to find transformative courage.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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