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Fear, anxiety, and worry are natural human emotions that we all experience from time to time. However, perpetual and excessive fear have become prevalent in our society. Prolonged stress can suppress the immune system, ramp up inflammation levels, negatively impact sleep quality and so many other essential functions in the body. 

Now more than ever, we need tools help us navigate our fear and anxiety. That’s why I put together this compilation episode with some of the world’s foremost experts on how stress impacts the body and strategies to reframe our mindset. We need logic, composure, and empowerment more than ever, and I hope that’s what you’ll take away from today’s show. 

You’re going to learn about emotional health, and how to manage your emotions in a beneficial way. You’ll also learn about the direct impacts that stress and fear can have on the body, and how to identify and categorize your coping mechanisms. This episode is packed with expert insights, so listen in and enjoy the show! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What emotional agility is. 
  • How we can reframe our thoughts, emotions, and the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Why it isn’t healthy to always be positive.
  • The link between disease and stress. 
  • How stress impacts the immune system. 
  • Three fundamental processes that occur in your body when you’re stressed.
  • An exercise for navigating fear-based newspaper headlines.
  • The role that expanded awareness plays in mitigating fear.
  • What anxiety actually is. 
  • How the body’s stress response system works. 
  • The power of listing out and categorizing your coping mechanisms.
  • Why anxiety can be a self-help tool. 
  • The importance of being mindful of your media diet.
  • How to detach and unplug from fear-based narratives. 
  • Two questions you can ask yourself to get clarity. 
  • Why contribution can be an anecdote to fear. 
  • The difference between healthy fear and disempowering fear. 
  • Why the authority of your own conviction is so powerful. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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