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Here in the United States, all but two states recently underwent our biannual time change, daylight-saving time. For most folks, this transition can be jarring and inconvenient. But when we decide to move the hands on the clocks forward one hour, what is the impact on human health? 

On this episode of The Model Health Show, we’re going to take a deep dive into how daylight-saving time disrupts our circadian clocks. We’ll talk about the specific biological processes that can be negatively affected through moving our clocks forward. You’ll also hear some staggering statistics on how daylight-saving time contributes to more traffic accidents, increased risk of hospital admissions, and more adverse health effects. 

There’s a convincing argument that daylight-saving time is detrimental to the health, productivity, and safety of our species. Today you’re going to hear how our internal clocks are aligned with the sun, and why standard time is more beneficial for our overall health. You’ll also learn how to adapt to time changes, and why consistent sleep schedules are foundational for the functionality and health of our bodies.  

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How daylight-saving time impacts our circadian clocks.
  • What The Sunshine Protection Act is and what it proposes. 
  • How the circadian clocks in our cells work. 
  • Which functions and processes our biological clocks control in our bodies.
  • How the disruption of your circadian system can alter your microbiome. 
  • The origins of daylight-saving time, and the reason why it was implemented. 
  • Which two states have opted out of practicing daylight-saving time. 
  • How changing our clocks can increase our susceptibility to traffic accidents. 
  • What percentage of countries in the world change their clocks. 
  • Why standard time is better than daylight-saving time for human biology.
  • The importance of making human health the priority. 
  • Adverse effects associated with changing our clocks. 
  • Why consistent, quality sleep matters.
  • What percentage of Americans support eliminating seasonal time changes. 
  • How to adapt to time changes. 
  • Why prioritizing sleep, movement, and nutrition is critical for your overall health. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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