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Even though we know that our brains change throughout our lifetime, there’s a lot we can do to support our brain’s health and functionality at every stage. Cognitive impairment and mental decline are common symptoms of aging, but declining brain function is not inevitable.

On today’s show, you’re going to learn about 5 behaviors that are clinically proven to shrink your brain. These five common behaviors can actually decrease brain volume, functionality, and connectivity. You’re going to hear about the metabolic needs of the brain, and how to support it with proper diet and hydration.

We’re also going to cover simple habit switches you can implement to support your brain health, including foods to add to your diet, specific tools for adequate hydration, and how to reduce inflammation and support a healthier body composition. We can all benefit from a healthier brain, and I hope this episode arms you with the knowledge and tangible steps you can take to support your brain’s structure and functionality.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What percentage of calories the brain utilizes.
  • The main structural components of the human brain.
  • What makes omega 3 fats unique.
  • The difference between storage fats and structural fats.
  • How omega 3s contribute to better brain health.
  • Which whole foods are the densest sources of EPA and DHA.
  • The inverse relationship between belly fat and brain size.
  • How incorporating more extra virgin olive oil can improve your overall health.
  • Why dehydration leads to reduced brain volume.
  • The importance of proper hydration and electrolytes.
  • How alcohol consumption impacts the brain.
  • Why alcohol damages the brain, immune system, and metabolism.
  • How excessive sugar intake can cause brain atrophy.
  • Why getting our citizens healthier can solve our world’s problems.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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