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We’ve been led to believe that in order to improve your health, you have to take extreme measures. The diet and weight loss industry rakes in billions of dollars, yet most of our citizens are still overweight and struggling with health issues. Instead of following a strict diet regimen or spending hours in the gym, what if you could optimize your biology and get better results with less effort?

That’s the premise of Dave Asprey’s new book, Smarter Not Harder. As a long-time biohacker, Dave has uncovered how we can take control of our body’s inherent systems and tendencies by using biohacking strategies to achieve lasting health. Dave Asprey is the founder of Upgrade Labs and a repeat New York Times bestselling science author. In this interview, you’re going to learn exactly how to get maximum results in your physical, metabolic, and cognitive health—with minimum effort.

We’re going to discuss specific concepts from Smarter Not Harder, including how we can take advantage of our innate laziness, how to incorporate biohacking techniques like vibration and muscle stimulation, and specific exercises you can incorporate to get better results from your workouts. This episode is packed with insights about maximizing your biology. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The problem with getting our society back to normal.
  • What your mitochondria are, and how they work.
  • How to train your mitochondrial network.
  • Why spending hours at the gym is inefficient.
  • What the laziness principle is.
  • Why innovation comes from laziness.
  • What a hack target is, and the five different categories.
  • How whole-body vibration can improve your energy and metabolism.
  • Different techniques you can utilize to add vibration into your routine.
  • What polyvagal theory is.
  • The connection between humming and nitric oxide.
  • What ejection fraction is.
  • The benefits of electrical muscle stimulation.
  • How using resistance bands can help you get better results.
  • The metabolic impacts of building muscle.
  • What equanimity is.
  • Which minerals and vitamins are important for cognitive health.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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