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For most folks, the relationships we have with our parents or guardians are the first meaningful connections we have. These relationships set the stage for how we communicate, how we see ourselves, and can even dictate our health into adulthood. However, most people enter the complex world of parenting with a certain set of inherited expectations and unconscious paradigms around how a parent-child relationship should function. 

Today’s guest, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, is a clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author who is best known for her expertise in family dynamics, conscious parenting, and personal development. In this interview, Dr. Shefali is sharing groundbreaking paradigm shifts from her new book, The Parenting Map, on how to authentically connect with your children and how to build empowerment and respect into any parent-child relationship.

You’ll learn about what conscious parenting is, and how it differs from the traditional parenting paradigm. We’ll talk about how our ego can block us from authentically connecting with our children, and how healing your inner child can help you create a healthy family dynamic. Dr. Shefali’s insights are going to impress you, challenge you, and help you transform your relationships for the better.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How having parenting expectations sets us up for failure.
  • What conscious parenting is.
  • How the parental ego causes dysfunctional relationships.
  • The importance of surrendering your ego and approaching your child with empathy.
  • Why we should always assume that our children are doing their best.
  • What it means to end the chase for happiness and success.
  • The difference between controlling your children and influencing them.
  • How to tap into your child’s unique essence.
  • Why the parent-child relationship influences your child’s self-worth.
  • How to teach your child resilience.
  • The relationship between your inner child and the imposter ego.
  • How to support your child’s natural temperament.
  • What the acronym WARM stands for.
  • The most important principle of life.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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