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As we age, there are a multitude of factors that influence our quality of life. Our nutrition, sleep quality, and movement practices all play a role in how our brains and bodies operate into our golden years. But the latest data affirms that the one factor that has the biggest influence on our health as we age is actually our mindset.

Today’s guest, Steven Kotler, is a New York Times bestselling author, human performance expert, and the executive director of the Flow Research Collective, a research organization that is dedicated to studying the science behind human peak performance. Not only does Steven Kotler possess a deep understanding of the science of aging, but he also has the willingness to put his theories to the test.

In his new book, Gnar Country, Steven details his experience learning how to park ski at the age of 53—a skill that is thought of to be unlearnable past the age of 35. Today, he’s sharing the insights he learned on his journey, including the keys to peak performance aging, flow state, and proven tools for increasing longevity and human potential. If you want to have a meaningful, vibrant, and long life, you’re going to love this interview with Steven Kotler!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What flow state is, and how it impacts the brain and body.
  • How to prefrontal cortex reacts to a state of flow.
  • Which neurochemicals react to flow state.
  • The powerful anti-aging properties of flow.
  • How much your creativity can spike during a state of flow.
  • The four-stage process of creativity.
  • Which factors have the biggest impact on longevity.
  • The link between brain performance and thigh strength.
  • A list of peak performance basics.
  • How sleep affects your ability to reach flow state.
  • Three of the best long-term anti-anxiety strategies.
  • Why utilizing a daily gratitude practice can make you more flow prone.
  • How to access the calming effects of exercise.
  • What flow triggers are.
  • The interesting connection between flow and play.
  • Why lifelong learning can preserve brain function.
  • What it means to create a filter for your decisions.
  • How to utilize a multi-tool solution to reach your goals.
  • What stack protocol is.
  • How to achieve peak performance aging.
  • The connection between flow and immune function.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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