The Model Health Show

“Let the world know why you’re here and do it with passion.” – Wayne Dyer

On this special episode, we’re celebrating ten years of The Model Health Show by highlighting ten of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about growth and success along the way. We’re diving into topics like the power of goal setting and accountability, how to use cultivate success through consistent action, and how to elevate through rewarding relationships.

You’re going to hear about important topics like authenticity, excellence, and building resilience. I’m sharing some of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome in order to experience growth. I’m also sharing my heart and mission behind starting The Model Health Show, and what has driven me to continue recording for the past decade.

My intent is that this episode inspires you to chase after your goals and ambitions, to understand your unique strengths, and empowers you to serve others in a way that brings you the same sense of fulfillment that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the past ten years. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • My motivation behind starting The Model Health Show.
  • The power of accountability.
  • Why you should create intentional goals.
  • How to use consistency to create success.
  • Why honoring your uniqueness can help you connect with others.
  • How to utilize the power of the 10,000-hour rule.
  • What it takes to become excellent.
  • The definition of grit.
  • How to ask yourself more empowering questions.
  • The power of establishing healthy, rewarding relationships.
  • Why identifying with issues you care about can help you become successful.
  • The importance of having the ability to question your biases.
  • How to ensure you don’t become dogmatic.
  • Why serving others creates fulfillment.
  • The advantage of becoming fit and healthy.
  • Why taking care of your health can help you serve your purpose.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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