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It’s never been easier to access information than it is today. Most of us have access to multiple devices with endless apps and notifications. While in some ways, having a wealth of information at our fingertips can be beneficial, it can also lead to overstimulation, distraction, and disconnection. 

On today’s show, you’re going to learn about the importance of tapping into your own mind and intuition. No matter your personal relationship with technology, we can all use practical ways to experience more clarity and to clear away the mental pollution that is so prevalent in our society today. And there’s no one more qualified to speak on this topic than my friend, Dr. Michael Beckwith.

Dr. Michael Beckwith is one of the most influential thought leaders in personal development and meditation. He is a bestselling author, speaker, and the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center. Today he’s back on The Model Health Show to share the important principles of mind fasting, how to tap into authentic modes of thinking, the power of leading a life with intention, and so much more. 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How reductionism in healthcare can lead to misunderstanding.
  • What mind fasting is.
  • The importance of introspection.
  • Why we’re seeing skyrocketing rates of mental health conditions.
  • The relationship between depression and expression.
  • How mentation differs from real thinking.
  • Why you should allow your opinions to change over time.
  • How mind fasting allows you to transcend your ego.
  • Why awareness allows you to choose, rather than react.
  • The number one way to deal with violence.
  • How to begin mind fasting.
  • The power of setting strong intentions.
  • Different types of meditation, and how to get started.
  • Why consistency can benefit your meditation practice.
  • The two greatest techniques of meditation. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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