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Movement encompasses so much more than just exercise. Movement involves our anatomy, alignment, functionality, and even our quality of life. Even if you’re not someone who loves practices like running or going to the gym, quality, intentional movement is essential for your body’s overall function.

On today’s show, biomechanist and bestselling author Katy Bowman is back to share principles from her new book, Rethink Your Position. You’re going to hear how to transform your daily movement practices in a way that improves your functionality and enriches your life. Katy is a proponent for intentional movement, and a strong believer that movement is for every body. 

You’re going to hear about how our sedentary lifestyles and technology-heavy culture impacts our bodies, and simple habits you can implement to improve your functionality. We’ll talk about how movement can improve your resiliency, enhance your relationships, and so much more. As always, Katy’s insights are both enlightening and inspiring. Excited and honored to share this conversation with you!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What tech neck is.
  • How to use a head ramp exercise to improve your posture.
  • Why your movement and functionality can impact your relationships.
  • How movement impacts your quality of life.
  • What it means to be a chair athlete.
  • The truth about sleeping positions.
  • What it means to rethink your position.
  • Why physical fitness is about much more than appearance.
  • What movement hunger is.
  • How your fitness level can make you more resilient.
  • The relationship between your ribcage and your pelvis.
  • How individual movement patterns and gait accents develop. 
  • The number one exercise you should be doing regularly for cardiovascular support.
  • Why walking is the best exercise for fitness. 
  • The powerful benefits of changing your position.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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