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The most effective way to reach your goals is by transforming your mindset. In order to achieve your goals in the new year, it’s critical that you understand the role your mind plays in solidifying your habits. When you’re able to change the way you think, by default you begin to change your behaviors.

On this episode of The Model Health Show, you’re going to hear four inspirational messages to remind you of your ability to affect change and create the life that you want. You’re going to hear powerful insights about how your identity influences your actions, the best methods for overcoming negativity, and how setting an intention can spark transformation. You’ll also hear groundbreaking truths about how to utilize strategies like forgiveness and reframing your challenges can change your outcomes.

This compilation features four incredible thought leaders in their respective fields, including Michael Beckwith, Ed Mylett, and more. I hope this episode reminds you of your power and inspires you to reach your goals. So click play, listen in, and enjoy this episode of The Model Health Show!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The truth about how far you are from reaching their goals.
  • How your life’s challenges can qualify you to make a difference.
  • Why identity is the most powerful force for humans.
  • The three key ingredients to upgrading your identity.
  • What it means to be the one.
  • How your reticular activating system works.
  • Why being teachable can help you reach your goals.
  • The transformative power of forgiveness.
  • How to use self-assessment to improve yourself.
  • What your state of mind is, and how it influences your reactions.
  • The 5 Ds to overcome negative thoughts.
  • How to block out negativity.
  • Why you should start a success journal.
  • What mind fasting is.
  • The power of practicing introspection.
  • How depression relates to expression.
  • The difference between real thinking and mentation.
  • How having a strong intention can change your life.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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