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True health goes so much deeper than the foods you put on your plate. Real, sustainable health comes from a myriad of factors including your mindset, your relationships, your culture, and your environment. And when you understand the powerful influence you have to impact these factors, that’s when real change can occur.  

On today’s show, you’re going to hear my interview from the Fitness CEO Podcast, where I discuss how to transform your health by altering your environment and optimizing your mindset. You’re going to learn the critical role that your culture plays in determining your health outcomes, and realistic steps you can take to cultivate a healthy family culture. 

This interview also contains the latest science on how your microbiome affects your overall health, the role relationships play in dictating your happiness and success, as well as critical mindset shift that can improve your life. Not only is this episode full of a ton of studies and statistics, but also a lot of heart. Enjoy!  

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The top two insights that changed my health and my life. 
  • How taking responsibility allows you to see possibilities. 
  • The power of being resourceful.
  • What percentage of Americans have chronic diseases.
  • Why relationships are integral to success.
  • The sad truth about the health of American children. 
  • Why your environment is a key controller of your health outcomes. 
  • What the tube torus is. 
  • The only way to inspire other people to change.
  • What percentage of American families eat together on a regular basis.
  • The connection between shared family meals and health outcomes. 
  • How the health of your microbiome influences your overall health. 
  • What circadian medicine is. 
  • Which food can reduce inflammation in the brain. 
  • Who my biggest hero is. 
  • How to create real sustainable change in your family. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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