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Regenerative medicine is a fascinating practice that is focused on healing, repairing, and replacing damaged cells. Through using modalities like stem cells and gene therapy, scientists are uncovering ways to tap into the human body’s incredible and innate ability to heal itself. And for our chronically ill society, the future of regenerative medicine offers hope for a brighter future of healthier, longer-living humans. 

Dr. Adeel Khan is a regenerative medicine expert with a proven track record of creating results through innovative therapies like stem cell treatments. On this episode of The Model Health Show, he’s diving into the fascinating science of anti-aging procedures and regenerative medicine. You’re going to learn about platelet-rich plasma, gene therapy, embryonic stem cell treatments, and so much more. 

We’re going to discuss topics like reversing chronic pain, aging healthily, and the future of medicine. Dr. Khan holds a wealth of information in the field of regenerative medicine and tapping into the body’s natural healing abilities. Get ready to take notes because this episode is packed with tons of cutting-edge science. I hope you enjoy this interview with Dr. Adeel Khan! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why muscle mass is a critical factor for aging healthily. 
  • The main driver for aging. 
  • What the Unitary Theory of Aging is. 
  • The connection between muscle, regulatory T cells, and the immune system.
  • How myokines impact inflammation levels. 
  • What regenerative medicine is. 
  • The science behind platelet-rich plasma.  
  • A common misconception about embryonic stem cells. 
  • How to repair and regenerate tissues. 
  • What epigenetic reprogramming is. 
  • The connection between inflammatory cytokines, insulin resistance, and diabetes.
  • How your microbiome can influence your behavior. 
  • The main differences between big pharma and the principles of regenerative medicine. 
  • How luteinizing hormone gene therapy affects testosterone levels. 
  • Interventions for closing the evolutionary mismatch gap. 
  • The differences between Botox treatments and skin cell therapy. 
  • How Botox impacts your skin health and volume long term.
  • What intravenous exosomes are and how they work. 
  • The importance of understanding the mind-body connection. 
  • How peptides work. 
  • The effects of stem cell therapies on your DNA. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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