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Daily social media use is a common practice in our modern society. And while there are many benefits to utilizing the power of social media, it can also negatively impact our mental health, sleep quality, weight, and productivity levels. The key to healthier technology habits is to practice more awareness and intentionality.  

On this episode of The Model Health Show, you’re going to hear from two incredibly intelligent experts on the topic of technology, social media, and focus. Adam Alter and Cal Newport are sharing powerful insights into the deceptive ways technology can distract us, and what we can do to create stronger boundaries around our devices and apps.  

You’re going to learn about how technology is intentionally designed to distract you, how things like Facebook likes can destroy your self-esteem, and the major problem with exposing our kids to social media. This episode contains tangible tools and strategies you can use to set limits around screen time, take back control of your focus, and spend your time more purposefully doing the things that you love and value. Enjoy! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The connection between screen time and body weight in adolescents. 
  • How many times per day the average person checks their phone. 
  • The fascinating way tech products are designed to hook us. 
  • How having your phone nearby can weaken your connection with others. 
  • Why your willpower is like a gas tank. 
  • How social media apps are purposely designed to override your willpower. 
  • The smartest feature Facebook designed to hijack our attention.
  • Why humans are designed to latch onto negative feedback. 
  • What behavioral addiction is. 
  • How context affects addiction.
  • What digital amnesia is. 
  • How to intentionally create time during your day without screens.
  • Why concentrating intensely allows you to learn complicated things faster. 
  • What the digital attention economy is, and how it affects our kids. 
  • Why we should demand more focus in our lives.
  • What attention residue is, and why we should be worried about it. 
  • Different scheduling philosophies you can use to get into deep work. 
  • Why you should practice being bored. 
  • How narrowing your attention can make you happier and more successful. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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