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There’s never been a time in human history where access to information is so readily available. And yet when it comes to nutrition, our population has never been so ridden with chronic illnesses and obesity. My guest today is on a mission to bridge the gap between nutrition education and application. 

Jason Phillips is an author, nutrition coach, and the founder of the Nutritional Coaching Institute. He’s joining us on this episode of The Model Health Show to share his journey overcoming an eating disorder, the biggest reasons diets fail, and how to actually create results. 

You’re going to learn about how marketing creates confusion in the health and wellness space, the difference between aesthetics and true health, and why application is the missing link you need to reach success. This episode is full of powerful, applicable information you can use to change your perspective and reach your goals. I hope you enjoy this interview with Jason Phillips! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What percentage of the population is overweight or obese. 
  • How marketing confuses people about health.
  • The truth about diet efficacy. 
  • Why emotional intelligence is required to reach your fitness goals.
  • How absolutes and relativity factor into your success. 
  • Jason’s experience overcoming an eating disorder.
  • The one factor that determines success with dietary interventions.
  • What you can gain from changing your lifestyle.
  • Why you can’t have it all as a beginner. 
  • An important conversation on conflating health with aesthetics.
  • What it truly means to be healthy. 
  • The difference between access and application. 
  • How human connection can help you become healthier. 

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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