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Modern medicine offers a pill for every ill. But as the sickest, fattest, unhealthiest modern population, it’s clear that our healthcare system isn’t actually making our citizens healthier. On today’s show, you’re going to learn about the root cause of all of our major killers: mitochondrial health. 

Our guests today are Dr. Casey Means and Calley Means. Dr. Casey Means is a Stanford-trained physician and the co-founder of Levels. Her brother, Calley Means, is the co-founder of TrueMed. Together, their mission is to help folks understand the root of all disease, which is how efficiently our cells create and utilize energy. Their new book, Good Energy, unpacks the connection between mitochondrial health, metabolism, and optimal health outcomes. 

In this interview, you’re going to hear powerful insights on what factors influence mitochondrial health, the corruption in our food and pharmaceutical industries, and so much more. You’re going to learn how to take control of your metabolic health, including specific dietary guidelines that can apply to any diet or lifestyle. At its core, this interview is about your ability to affect change, and I hope that message of personal empowerment resonates with you. Enjoy!  

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The family story that inspired Casey & Calley to write Good Energy.
  • How metabolic health influences every chronic illness.
  • What percentage of Americans have prediabetes.
  • Why we need personal empowerment and systemic change to improve our health.
  • How the healthcare industry makes money from chronic disease management.
  • The connection between mitochondria and metabolism.
  • How mitochondrial dysfunction leads to chronic disease. 
  • Two things you can do to improve your metabolic health. 
  • The serious problem with the mantra “trust the science.”
  • How chronic overnutrition impacts mitochondrial health.
  • What percentage of Americans are confused about nutrition.
  • How processed food is confusing our bodies.
  • Five key components of a healthy, balanced meal. 
  • The top three foods you should reduce in your diet.
  • How to give your body the nutrients it needs to create its own GLP-1.
  • The adverse effects excess sugar has on your mitochondria. 
  • Five biomarkers of metabolic syndrome. 
  • Why ultra-processed food consumption is the root of our health problems.
  • The #1 question all physicians and patients should ask about prescription drugs.
  • What your body’s symptoms mean. 
  • The link between Ozempic and gut health. 
  • Why connection is a requisite for health. 

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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