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Hormones are always hard at work behind the scenes of a myriad of biological processes. Everything from metabolism to gut health can be affected by what’s happening on a hormonal level. On today’s show, you’re going to learn about some of the most notable ways your hormones might be sabotaging your health efforts and actionable steps you can take to achieve optimal hormone balance.

On this episode of The Model Health Show, our guest is Dr, Tasneem Bhatia, or Dr. Taz. She is a board-certified physician with expertise in women’s health, weight loss, and nutrition. In this interview, she’s sharing the critical link between gut health, menopause, and hormones. 

You’re going to learn how inflammation can trigger weight gain, the role of gut health during perimenopause and menopause, and why stress is a critical factor for regulating hormones. Dr. Taz is sharing real-world advice on how to clean up your diet, reduce your exposure to toxins that might be wrecking your gut health, and how to measure and reduce your inflammation. This episode is packed with valuable insights into hormonal health. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The crucial link between hormone shifts and blood sugar levels.
  • Which ages are affected by perimenopause. 
  • How gut health and menopause are connected. 
  • The process in which hormones are metabolized in the body. 
  • What estrogen dominance is. 
  • How a woman’s cycle can affect her gut and digestion. 
  • Why the gut is ground zero for hormone health.
  • How our environment impacts our gut health.
  • Why dietary fat is a critical building block for hormones. 
  • What digestive enzymes are used for.
  • The importance of thinking about your microbial health proactively. 
  • Three actionable steps to improve gut health. 
  • How probiotics and prebiotics work together. 
  • Why food diversity matters for overall health. 
  • The connection between glyphosate and leaky gut.
  • How to improve your internal environment to optimize your toxic load.
  • The link between PCOS and gut health.
  • What dirty hormones are. 
  • Why estrogen dominance is underdiagnosed.
  • How stress impacts gut health and hormonal health. 
  • Why we need to reframe menopause. 
  • Which specific biomarkers can measure inflammation.

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