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For the last several decades, rates of depression have been slowly and steadily rising, both in the US and worldwide. But since the pandemic hit, depression rates have skyrocketed. There is a myriad of reasons for this widespread decline in mental health, but beyond antidepressant medications, there are very few solutions that are offered to folks who are truly suffering. 

On today’s show, you’re going to learn seven science-backed ways to reduce or eliminate symptoms of depression. You’re going to hear how lifestyle factors like your diet, activity level, and sleep habits can influence your mental health. We’ll also talk about how depression can be improved by lowering inflammation, reducing social media habits, and more. 

As always, you’re going to hear the latest studies on depression, as well as actionable steps you can apply today. If you want to mitigate the effects of depression for yourself or someone you love, these powerful strategies can help improve your mental health (and overall health). So listen in and enjoy the show! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the leading cause of disability and absenteeism is in the US.
  • The truth about how conventional treatments for depression perform.
  • How physical activity can improve symptoms of depression.
  • The powerful endocrine properties of muscles. 
  • How exercise can sensitize your brain to pleasure.
  • The minimum number of steps you should walk every day for mental health.
  • How regularly eating fast food can increase your risk for depression. 
  • The connection between body mass and MSG consumption.
  • What it means to anti-depress your gut. 
  • How your gut microbes can influence your mental health.
  • The shocking truth about the serotonin theory of depression. 
  • How to support your gut microbiome for better mental health.
  • The vicious cycle of sleep deprivation and depression. 
  • How antidepressants can affect REM sleep.
  • The importance of regular sunlight exposure. 
  • What psychoneuroimmunology is. 
  • The link between stress, inflammation, and depression.
  • How the increase in social media habits have influenced rates of depression. 
  • Realistic tips for decreasing your screen time. 
  • How meditation can be used to treat insomnia. 
  • Why mindfulness modalities can be helpful in improving mental health. 

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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